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Rotating panel discussions on science and skepticism news and popular culture, with special guests, interviews, personal stories and general ridiculousness, all out of Melbourne, Australia. A podcast of the Young Australian Skeptics.

Over the last year and a bit, the Young Australian Skeptics has been organising the launch of a new online science magazine – Lateral – designed to provide paid opportunities for up-and-coming science writers and artists from Australia and around the world. We're all very excited. On the 3rd of August, it's going live, so we thought we might take the opportunity now to explain the ideas behind the magazine and why we're devoting so much energy to it. Jack Scanlan (Editor-in-Chief) is joined by Nicola McCaskill (Deputy Editor-in-Chief) and Tessa Evans (Physical Science Editor) to explore the world of Lateral Magazine: the highs, the lows, and the frustrations.

We'd love it if all our podcast subscribers pitched in to help cover the initial costs of the magazine through our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign: There are heaps of cool perks, like commissioning articles in Lateral! Every dollar counts. And until the 20th of July, the Australian Skeptics will be matching donations above $50. So get in quick.

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We all have an opinion about nuclear, right? In this episode, Jack Scanlan, Tessa Evans, Luke Weston and Sophia Frentz discuss some of the issues surrounding nuclear power, in the aftermath of an event by the Royal Society of Victoria on the 11th of June, entitled "Nuclear Energy: Should it be Included in the Mix?".

Thanks for the Royal Society for the event and the impetus to discuss this issue. You can find out more about future events like this at

(P.S. Find out more about Lateral Magazine at

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Crowdfunding seems to be the hip new thing to do these days, so much so that scientists all over the world are getting involved and raising money for their own research. Dr Jenny Martin, a zoologist at the University of Melbourne, is no exception. On this episode, she chats with Jack about her crowdfunding campaign on kangaroos and wallabies, why it's vital science, and the future of scientific crowdfunding. 

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Science! Comedy! Science comedy! Ted Janet has a chat to UK broadcaster and comedian Robin Ince about his upcoming Australian tour, "Happiness Through Science". Tickets are selling fast, so make sure you get one before they're gone!

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Why would someone dislike the skeptical community? Jack speaks with Sydney-based writer Eleanor Robertson about her misgivings with skepticism, why we shouldn't pin too many hopes on celebrity spokespeople, science and ethics, and the benefits of listening to those with whom you disagree. 

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It's a mini-episode! Sarah and Jack both went to the Richard Dawkins event in Melbourne on the 29th of November, wherein he was interviewed by Leslie Cannold: so they chat about it.

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Sarah, Nicola and Jack dive deep into the genetics of homosexuality, why autoimmune diseases aren't caused by female self-hatred, and why young children love to laugh at everyone else's misfortune. 

Plus: a new YAS project in the works, Australian Christmas, hail, and homosexual conversion.

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Jack, Joanna and Sarah make a triumphant return to the studio to delve into how protein evolution can help save us from climate change, what the deal is with ebola, and why mantis shrimp are the coolest animals on Earth.

Plus: theses, jobs, superhero shows, and nuclear fusion.

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Sarah and Jack look at the science and skeptical themes in the recent movies "Lucy", "Snowpiercer", "Guardians of the Galaxy" and the James Randi documentary "An Honest Liar", and also touch on some self-assembling robots and turning brown butterflies purple.

Plus: nanotechnology, chemistry joke feedback, and climate change-denying geologist Ian Plimer.

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Jack geeks out with parasitologist and general cool person Kelly Weinersmith about the seriously interesting world of parasites, zombies and evolutionary neuroscientists. Are mosquitos parasites, or just annoying? How do fungi control ants? Which parasite is in the brains of one third of all human beings? And how many bad jokes can Jack make in an hour? Listen and find out...

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