The Pseudoscientists
Rotating panel discussions on science and skepticism news and popular culture, with special guests, interviews, personal stories and general ridiculousness, all out of Melbourne, Australia. A podcast of the Young Australian Skeptics.

Jack is joined by returning guest Upulie Divisekera to freak out about electric bacteria and why they might be able to turn us into cyborgs, how an anti-GMO activist royally screwed up, and the essentiality of respiration.

Plus: Snowpiercer, Russian sex geckos, dead dinosaurs, and more brain pseudoscience from "Lucy".

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Sarah and Jack go all-out depressing on this episode - it's a sad, sad world. Who shot down flight MH17? Was it an Illuminati plot? How are ants impacting climate change? Why will the Great Barrier Reef be not-so-great in a couple of decades? And what's the deal with apes?

Plus: throwing blood, barcoding with kids, and Jake Guy-lan-HAL on ice.

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Jack and Sarah are finally back in the not-studio with science news, respiratory tract infections, and a phone with no batteries. Did you know organic food is better for you? (Or is it?) Dengue fever's fun too. And what's the difference between a macronutrient and a micronutrient? Find out, all in this episode!

Plus: AIDS, meteors, swearing, and poisonous gluten.

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