The Pseudoscientists
Rotating panel discussions on science and skepticism news and popular culture, with special guests, interviews, personal stories and general ridiculousness, all out of Melbourne, Australia. A podcast of the Young Australian Skeptics.

Ted Janet interviews Adam VanLangenberg (maths teacher and the creator of the Sceptic School high school skeptical group at McKinnon Secondary College) and Elizabeth Riaikkenen (a writer for the Young Australian Skeptics and one of Adam's students). They chat about skepticism in high schools, how to communicate as a skeptic, and what sorts of things skepticism needs to be taking seriously. 

Plus, Jack apologises for the lack of a proper episode this week and lets you know about some cool things that are happening soon.

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Belinda and Jack get another dose of astrophysics with Alan Duffy, a charming cosmologist, and chat about Australia's new lack of a science minister, Voyager 1's trip out of the solar system, and the scientific argument against gay marriage. Jargonauts goes into questionable territory with "harassment", and Question of the Week is a brutal free-for-all about which area of science deserves the least amount of funding. 

Plus: Jack does fly work, Belinda has glasses, Alan gets bitten by a penguin, and someone pretends to be a creationist. 

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Jack and Sarah are joined in the studio by past host Alastair Tait and huge friend of the show Kylie Sturgess to chat about Alastair's time at NASA, how DNA might be used to make super-fast computers, and why we have a 300,000 year-old mitochondrial genome. Jargonauts gets scared of a couple of phobias, and Question of the Week asks what Australian skepticism needs to deal with in the future.

Plus: New Zealand skepticism, dropbears, Seal, and ludicrous Christian films.

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Jack is joined by returning guest Upulie Divisekera to delve into discovering element 115, why NASA wants to put a vacuum cleaner on the Moon, and how genomics is changing the way we treat tuberculosis. Jargonauts emits information about fluorescence and phosphorescence, and Question of the Week finds out if you want to upload your consciousness to the Internet. 

Plus: Australian politics, dissecting flies, nanotechnology, and Tony Abbott being a bit of a tool.

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