The Pseudoscientists
Rotating panel discussions on science and skepticism news and popular culture, with special guests, interviews, personal stories and general ridiculousness, all out of Melbourne, Australia. A podcast of the Young Australian Skeptics.

Belinda, Sarah and Jack are joined by Annika Victoria, a blogger who injects science into fashion and inspires young people along the way, and they chat about human-human brain interactions and why the UN is causing floods in central Queensland (or why an Australian political candidate thinks so). Jargonauts divides the world into science and pseudoscience with "demarcation", and Question of the Week thinks wishfully and wonders which pseudoscience should be real, in an ideal world. 

Plus: Belinda on The Laborastory, Jack is unfit, Audioboo, and life from peanut butter. 

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Jack and Belinda explode into the new (podcast) century with astrophysicist Katie Mack, returning for her second podcast experience. They chat about black hole firewalls, fake bomb detector fraud and why music might be judged more by sight than by hearing. Jargonauts disappears over the "horizon", and Question of the Week gets extremely... self-indulgent. We apologise. Maybe.

Plus: a new sub-podcast, "Unfiltered Thoughts", is announced, Belinda is a real scientist now, and spontaneous baby combustion. 

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Bloopers, ramblings, rants, arguments and generally semi-salvageable bits that never made it into the last 50 episodes. Now with old-school jazz, because we're classy. 

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Belinda, Jack, Rachael, Tom, Sarah and very special guest Lawrence Leung celebrate the 100th episode of the podcast with a live show at Pugg Mahones in Carlton. They discuss how they each got into skepticism and doing the podcast, and their favourite news items over the first 99 episodes. The Houston clip is a mashup, Jargonauts turns into a bit of a game, and Question of the Week reflects on some terrible misconceptions about science, with some help from the show's audience. It was heaps of fun.

NOTE: As Jack explains at the start, there are some audio issues starting at around 35 minutes into this episode. If you can't handle noisy audio, then you might want to stop when post-show Jack appears again. But if you do listen, you'll be rewarded with a complete episode.

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Jack and special guest Ted Janet revisit lab-grown meat, and then interview Shelley Segal about her and Ted's graphic anthology project "Balaclava Junction", about growing up in a Jewish community in Melbourne (plus a song!), and Question of the Week looks at superheroes and which ones are most scientifically unrealistic!

Plus: Lawrence Leung on the 100th episode live show, Ted being sick, and Jewish conspiracies. 

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Tom, Belinda and Jack find out why there are healthy and unhealthy forms of happiness, and interview Nat, Aaron and Andrea from The Laborastory storytelling night about why science makes for such good stories. Jargonauts fixes the definition of "polymorphism", and Question of the Week tries to find some ideas in science that might actually be a little bit pseudoscientific. 

Plus: more plugs for our 100th episode live show on the 14th of August, banana lollies, and wondrous, cancer-curing Vitamin C (or not).

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