The Pseudoscientists
Rotating panel discussions on science and skepticism news and popular culture, with special guests, interviews, personal stories and general ridiculousness, all out of Melbourne, Australia. A podcast of the Young Australian Skeptics.

Jack, Sarah and Belinda discover why oxytocin isn't the wonderful hormone we all thought it was, why rainforests may actually be releasing carbon dioxide (and why we're all screwed because of it), and why huge viral genomes may redefine the tree of life. Jargonauts rains on everyone's parade with "precipitation", and Question of the Week looks at thought experiments. No one mentions Schrödinger's Cat. 

Plus, 100TH EPISODE LIVE SHOW, Jack's tweeting at @realscientists, another European message from Rachael, and the Royal Baby horoscope.

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Belinda, Tom and Jack find out why using Twitter can get you into Heaven faster, how the first blue exoplanet was discovered, and why skepticism and science communication are different to each other. Jargonauts reflects on "albedo", and Question of the Week ruins comedy forever with everyone's favourite science jokes. 

Plus, Pacific Rim, World War Z, sexual selection, and Tony Abbott being very silly.

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Enjoy this recording of Jack's story about Nobel Prize-winning geneticist Thomas Hunt Morgan at the science storytelling night "The Laborastory" early last month, in place of a regular episode. Sadly we couldn't get our act together this week - but at least there's something in your feed!

You can find out more about "The Laborastory" at - do check them out, there're a lot of fun. New show every week in Melbourne, don't miss it. 

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Tom, Sarah and Jack are not Holocaust deniers. Let's just get that out of the way first. Anyway, they talk about crazy physics theories about cancer, why death can make you funnier, and why sitting comfortably can make you lie. Jargonauts descends into chaos with "entropy", and the Question of the Week piggybacks on recent political turmoil to look at what we want from the government, scientifically.

Plus: a special message from Rachael in Finland, RSS feeds, and - yes - Holocaust denial.

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