The Pseudoscientists
Rotating panel discussions on science and skepticism news and popular culture, with special guests, interviews, personal stories and general ridiculousness, all out of Melbourne, Australia. A podcast of the Young Australian Skeptics.

Tom and Jack discuss flies sleeping like humans, the crazy ambitions of the Mars One project to have people on Mars by 2023, and the weird sex that animals have. Jargonauts takes a look at comas, and we discuss last week's Question of the Week on gender identity (and sexuality, of course). Next week's question: "Would you become a Mars colonist, if it were a one-way trip?"

Plus: ANZAC Day, Tom on the radio, and John Edward being a douche. 

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Tom and Jack find out why you might soon be able to grow new organs in a vat, what the deal is with pseudoenzymes, and look at the relationship between science and religion. Jargonauts is all about insects this week, and we look at your thoughts on the societal implications of contact with an intelligent alien race. Next week's question: "Why are you the gender you identify with?"

Plus, conspiracy theories about the tragedies in Boston, mysterious text messages, and a lost episode with Sarah...

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Jack, Tom and returning guest Claire Shepard muse on a potentially-psychic girl in India, some terrible online science journalism, why wisdom teeth don't make intelligent design unlikely, and weird diets. Jargonauts looks at "detoxification" (and why it doesn't mean what alternative medical proponents think it means), and we discuss what futuristic technology we'd love to see around in the present day, with your help.

Next week's question: "What would be the societal consequences of discovering intelligent alien life?"

Plus, Jack's wisdom teeth, ABC3's "Steam Punks!" and Doctor Who.

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Tom, Rachael and Sarah discuss why vaccines really, really, really don't cause autism, how the Australian carbon tax is affecting hospitals, and how a duck fathered a chicken. Jargonauts looks at the loaded term "nuclear", and we reflect on the concept of an "atheist movement", with some help from you guys. Next week's question: "If you could pick any futuristic technology to be a reality now, what would you pick?"

Plus, what American voters really believe, a follow up on aspartame, Jack's lack of wisdom teeth, and Easter!

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