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Rotating panel discussions on science and skepticism news and popular culture, with special guests, interviews, personal stories and general ridiculousness, all out of Melbourne, Australia. A podcast of the Young Australian Skeptics.

For the eighth episode of Unfiltered Thoughts, Jack sits down with Millie Scanlan to chat about lots of various little things (aka. nothing). Millie is Jack's 17 year-old sister and just finished her second-last year of high school. She probably wants to be a doctor or something, she hasn't made up her mind yet. This is essentially a bonus episode, so don't complain. 

Happy New Year!

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Jack and Liz share Christmas cheer in what will probably be the last Classic™ episode of 2013. A new mammal discovery in Brazil doesn't mean Bigfoot is real, Wi-Fi routers are not killing your plants, and antibacterial soap isn't killing more bacteria than regular soap. An episode of negatives! Jargonauts gets charged up with "ionisation", and we share some of our favourite podcasts that you might want to listen to over the (short) break. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, everyone!

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For the seventh episode of Unfiltered Thoughts, Jack sits down with Luke Weston to chat about the risks, technologies, public perception and misconceptions of nuclear power. Luke is a freelance writer, physicist and electronics and computer systems engineer, and has contributed to the Young Australian Skeptics for many years. When he's not watching videos of babies having their cochlear implants turned on for the first time, he's involved in the Lunar Numbat collaboration, trying to get Australian rockets into orbit.

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Belinda, Jack, Sarah are joined by their newest cohost, Elizabeth Riaikkenen, and discuss her adventures being a skeptic in high school. But there's science news too: the base of the tree of life might be wrong, and exam results don't correlate with fluid intelligence. Jargonauts is all about that "abiogenesis" life, and Question of the Week ponders whether or not it is unethical to teach your kids about Santa. 

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Tom, Sarah and Jack discuss bacteria acquiring mammoth DNA, beliefs on different sides of the political spectrum, and why memories and fears might be able to be passed to your children. Jargonauts works through "alignment", and the Question of the Week is all about the public image of the skeptical community. 

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For the sixth episode of Unfiltered Thoughts, Jack sits down with Tess Armstrong to chat about radio. Tess is a writer, presenter and radio producer who currently works for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Melbourne. In her spare time, she enjoys Game of Thrones and a bit of hardcore barracking for the Richmond Tigers. The opinions expressed by Tess are of course her personal views - why wouldn't they be?

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Ted Janet interviews British documentary filmmaker Tony Stark, who - while not related to either Iron Man or a powerful family in from the north of Westeros - has made numerous documentaries about religion. They chat about a couple of his latest films, as well as critical thinking in journalism. 

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For the fifth episode of Unfiltered Thoughts, Jack sits down with Renée Webster to chat about chemical separation. Renée is an analytical chemist whose work focuses on the separation of fuels and lubricants, but she's also been involved with CSIRO's Scientists in Schools and the Real Scientists Twitter project.

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Jack, Belinda and Tom are finally back in the studio for a Classic™ episode of The Pseudoscientists: now with 100% more existence. They chat about microbes that are only found near spacecraft, why Australian science might receive a nasty blow in the near future, and how a genetic modification breakthrough might result in better gene therapy. Jargonauts is shockingly good with "voltage" and "amps", and the Question of the Week looks at proving or disproving the existence of God...

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For the fourth episode of Unfiltered Thoughts, Jack sits down with Tom Lang to chat about biological comedy. Tom is a science communicator, comedian, writer and board game enthusiast. He’s also a regular panelist on The Pseudoscientists, but if you’ve only been listening to the show for the past month or so, you probably didn’t know that...

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