The Pseudoscientists
Rotating panel discussions on science and skepticism news and popular culture, with special guests, interviews, personal stories and general ridiculousness, all out of Melbourne, Australia. A podcast of the Young Australian Skeptics.

Jack presents the audio from the "Four Squires: A new generation of freethinkers" discussion at Embiggen Books on the 24th of November. For the event, Jack and Belinda were joined by Jason Ball (former Pseudoscientists panelist and current leader of the Freethought Student Alliance) and Jonathan Meddings (Queensland convener of the Freethought Student Alliance and founder of the Townsville Humanists) to discuss the future of atheism, young people in the atheist movement, and the relationship between atheism, science, skepticism and social justice. 

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Belinda and guest Chris Heath, filling in for Jack (and Rachael and Tom), chat deadly solariums, black holes hiding hydrogen from astronomers, and a new Google star visualisation program. Plus, Jargonauts takes a look at the word "affect", and your answers to last week's question on labelling genetically-modified food are poured through. Next week's question: "What level of scientific qualifications should science policy makers hold?"

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Jack and Belinda go solo (duo?) this week to look into the nasty epigenetic evolution of Tasmanian devil facial cancer, as well as new studies on the health effects of vitamin and mineral supplements. Plus, Jargonauts looks at the commonly-used phrase "begging the question", and we discuss your answers to last week's question on science and morality. Next week's question: "Should genetically-modified food be labelled?"

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Belinda and Jack are joined by award-winning blogger and science writer Bec Crew to talk about her new book "Zombie Tits, Astronaut Fish and Other Weird Animals", online plagarism, and anus-dwelling fish. Bec also bring us a news item about an elephant that can speak Korean, and Belinda waxes lyrical about the bacteria-killing properties of manuka honey. 

Also we dissect the term "luminosity" for Jargonauts, read out some feedback from last week's listener question about compulsory science education, and reveal a new question about morality.

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