The Pseudoscientists
Rotating panel discussions on science and skepticism news and popular culture, with special guests, interviews, personal stories and general ridiculousness, all out of Melbourne, Australia. A podcast of the Young Australian Skeptics.

Jack, Belinda, James and Richard discuss the Australian and South African Square Kilometre Array telescopes, problems with a plan to help save the Murray-Darling river basin in eastern Australia, and the successful launch and docking to the International Space Station of a pioneering commercial space capsule, SpaceX's Dragon.

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Belinda and Jack present the audio from the April 16th "Test of Faith" panel discussion from the Reason for Faith Festival. Jack discusses the intersection of science and religion (specifically Christianity) with two other atheists, Jonathan Meddings and Professor Graham Oppy, and three Christian scientists, Professor John Pilbrow, Dr Bruce Yabsley and Associate Professor Alan Gijsbers. Topics touched on include the compatibility of faith and reason, theistic evolution, mind/body dualism and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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Belinda, James and Richard discuss the Real Australian Sceptics and Australian anti-intellectualism, and read out some listener emails from California, New Zealand and Finland.

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Richard, Belinda and Jack discuss eggless chickens, analytical thought and its effects on supernatural beliefs, and the compatibility of science and religion. Plus, Belinda interviews Eugenie Scott from the National Center for Science Education about recent developments in anti-evolution legislation in the US.

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