The Pseudoscientists
Rotating panel discussions on science and skepticism news and popular culture, with special guests, interviews, personal stories and general ridiculousness, all out of Melbourne, Australia. A podcast of the Young Australian Skeptics.

Ted Janet interviews Adam VanLangenberg, the teacher behind the "Sceptic School" group at McKinnon Secondary College. They talk about critical thinking courses in schools, what it's like to run a skeptical group for high school students, personal reflections on being a skeptic, and what it was like bringing a homeopath in to talk to the students.

Plus, Jack has an exciting announcement about the relaunch of the Young Australian Skeptics blog...

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Merry Christmas! Belinda and Jack are joined from Sydney by their old friend Elliot Birch, back for another ride on the Pseudoscientists... train? Are we a train? Anyway, they talk about a vector video codec, violence and video games, obesity vs. malnutrition, and a win for gay rights in California. Jargonauts looks at "phenotype" and "genotype", and your answers to last week's Christmas-themed question. Sadly, no On The Street this week, though. Next episode's question: "What scientific breakthroughs do you think will happen next year?"

Plus, what Elliot's been up to, YAS blog relaunch chat, and Jack plugs the book really well. So smooth.

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Jack, Belinda and Rachael are joined by new YAS writer and medical student Sarah McBride to talk birds and butts, the epigenetics of homosexuality, eating fat, and what creationists actually believe about science. Jargonauts focuses on the word "fiducial", and we look at your answers to last week's question about the best argument for the existence of God. But sadly, no On The Street! Next week's question: "Is it okay for atheists to celebrate Christmas?"

Plus, Jack has some controversial opinions about cats and birds. Cat lovers be forewarned.

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Belinda, Rachael and Jack are joined by special guest Holly Warland to discuss a curious finding in molecular genetics, the readability of Wikipedia, sexism in science and gay conversation therapy. Plus, Jargonauts looks at "negative reinforcement", and your answers to last week's question about the definition of life - now with added On The Street opinions, via our good friend Luke Freeman. Next week's question: "What is the best argument for the existence of God?"

Also, Jack and Rachael talk about fun times at the National Skeptics Convention!

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Jack, Rachael and Belinda get into accurately measuring rising sea levels, tapeworms and hyperparasitic wasps, and some curious cases of horizontal gene transfer. Plus, Jargonauts looks at the word "sequestration", and your answers to last week's question on the scientific qualifications of politicians. Next week's question: "What do you think is the definition of 'life'?"

Also: Game of Thrones, Ebola, Sydney, and some exciting On The Street news...

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Jack presents the audio from the "Four Squires: A new generation of freethinkers" discussion at Embiggen Books on the 24th of November. For the event, Jack and Belinda were joined by Jason Ball (former Pseudoscientists panelist and current leader of the Freethought Student Alliance) and Jonathan Meddings (Queensland convener of the Freethought Student Alliance and founder of the Townsville Humanists) to discuss the future of atheism, young people in the atheist movement, and the relationship between atheism, science, skepticism and social justice. 

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Belinda and guest Chris Heath, filling in for Jack (and Rachael and Tom), chat deadly solariums, black holes hiding hydrogen from astronomers, and a new Google star visualisation program. Plus, Jargonauts takes a look at the word "affect", and your answers to last week's question on labelling genetically-modified food are poured through. Next week's question: "What level of scientific qualifications should science policy makers hold?"

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Jack and Belinda go solo (duo?) this week to look into the nasty epigenetic evolution of Tasmanian devil facial cancer, as well as new studies on the health effects of vitamin and mineral supplements. Plus, Jargonauts looks at the commonly-used phrase "begging the question", and we discuss your answers to last week's question on science and morality. Next week's question: "Should genetically-modified food be labelled?"

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Belinda and Jack are joined by award-winning blogger and science writer Bec Crew to talk about her new book "Zombie Tits, Astronaut Fish and Other Weird Animals", online plagarism, and anus-dwelling fish. Bec also bring us a news item about an elephant that can speak Korean, and Belinda waxes lyrical about the bacteria-killing properties of manuka honey. 

Also we dissect the term "luminosity" for Jargonauts, read out some feedback from last week's listener question about compulsory science education, and reveal a new question about morality.

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Jack, Belinda, Tom and special guest/former panelist Alastair Tait look into Italian scientists being arrested for negligent science communication, some recent geological discoveries made by the Curiosity Mars Rover, experimental evidence for a new model of enzyme evolution, and whether or not heterosexual men and women can ever be just friends. 

Plus, two brand-new segments! The first is Jargonautes, where we dispel ambiguity about commonly-heard, but uncommonly-understood, scientific jargon: the words this week are "eukaryote" and "prokaryote". The second new segment is as-yet-unnamed, but it's where we get YOUR opinions on a specific topic or question every week and read out your answers on the next show. This week, mandatory science classes: should senior high school students be forced to take science subjects, in an effort to improve science literacy in the general public? Why/why not?

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