The Pseudoscientists
Rotating panel discussions on science and skepticism news and popular culture, with special guests, interviews, personal stories and general ridiculousness, all out of Melbourne, Australia. A podcast of the Young Australian Skeptics.

INTRO: Jack, Elliot, Belinda and Richard - a very special George Hrab promo, TAM Australia (come talk to us!), Brian Dunning and Rebecca Watson event.

NEWS: Power Balance, the Catholic Church's changing stance on condoms, Tim Minchin's "White Wine in the Sun" outrage.

BOOK REVIEW: Smile or Die: How Positive Thinking Fooled America and the World


Remember, if you're at TAM Australia, come talk to us! We'll high-five you for hours (maybe).

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INTRO: Richard, Belinda, Jason and Alastair - George Hrab, Brian Dunning and Rebecca Watson's TAM Fringe events, Jason's job.

NEWS: The Large Hadron Collider, the cellphone-using time traveller, the latest AVN screw-up, and the Humanist Society of Victoria in the news.

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